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Why silk

  • Skin benefits

Silk absorbs less moisture than cotton fabric. The tightly woven smooth fibers of silk help retain moisture in your skin thus reducing the fine lines & dryness. When your skin is well hydrated you don't wake up with a 'sleep-line' or 'crease-line' on your face. And what about those expensive moisturizing night-creams? Even after using such products, you won’t get the desired results, if you stick to cotton fabrics. Because they are the enemies of your face cream & its moisture. Silk has anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing properties in it. So silk is the secret to youthful & hydrated skin. Moreover, silk is naturally hypoallergenic or anti-allergic which means it helps in preventing or minimizing allergies. Close knit threads of silk fabric don’t allow dust and other allergens to settle on their surface.

  • Hair benefits

Every girl dreams of silky smooth hair. But like skin, even your hair needs moisture. Cotton fabric leaves your hair with nothing but dryness and roughness. Such friction leads to tangled hair & hair breakage. And you end up waking with ugly hair every morning. Silk, on other hand is a boon for all types of hair. With its smooth & soft texture, it allows your hair to glide through the night. Invest in silk pillowcase, sleep caps can extend the life of your expensive hair styling too.

Now when you know that silk is going to handle your skin and hair for sure, and that you shall be having a great skin and hair day the next morning, won’t you have a tight sleep? That’s bound to make your health awesome!

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