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The silk sail

The silk sail - Beausilk
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From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from clothing to treatment

Silky greetings, ladies and gentleladies! Let’s dive straight into the sea of Indian silk regions. From Assam to Mysore to Kanchipuram to Banaras, the silk cruise has come to a halt at Mumbai. Why won’t it? After all, Beausilk is from Mumbai. Silk is something we understand the best, and the value of sleep is something Mumbai understands incredibly well, thanks to the fast-paced never-stopping life style here. Isn’t that an amazing combination indeed? Don’t worry! We extend this benefit to our customers across the globe with free shipping and not just restrict it to Mumbaikars.

Think about it. Silk is a vital ingredient in clothing, furnishing applications, industrial uses and in the pharma space as well. Now, ladies, it’s getting close to your personal space. Getting close to you and helping to know yourself better. Making your skin, hair, sleep and in turn, your health better.Check out our silk cart with pillowcases, sleep caps and eye masks. It’s designed for those who love themselves! It’s designed for you!

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