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The sleep salon. The silk treatment.

The sleep salon. The silk treatment. - Beausilk
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When your sleep says ZZZ, that’s when your health says cheeeezzzz! Hence sleep is always meant to be SILKing. And you, always smiling.

Come to think of it, you spend tireless hours in the gym for your dream physique. You pose patiently before your beautician till the time he/she carves the beauty in you at the salon. But did you ever ask yourself one question? When your body works 24X7, can you restrict care to just daytime or work time or rather ‘awake time’? Definitely not. It needs care, comfort and most importantly the ‘Silk treatment’ at nighttime, leisure time and sleep time. We, at Beausilks, understand this ‘Me time’ which your skin and hair desire and deserve so much. Hey girl, cuddling beneath a pillow covered with our pillowcase, donning our sleep cap and sliding the eyemask that we designed just for you, gently over those charming eyes of yours; that’s the best you can gift yourself. Let us do the magic on your soft cheeks and smooth hair. Feel our touch till the next morning, when your mirror will compliment you for the damsel that you have turned into; No messy tangled hair or wrinkled dry skin. And the mirror would say, “Any praise is an understatement, oh lady!”

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