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  • 100% Pure Mulberry
    Silk Pillowcase

    Dear lady, “Rise and shine
    with sheer beauty and smooth silk!”

  • The silk sleep caps for
    catnaps to deep sleeps

    your new curl companion,
    hates messy and tangled hair days,
    just like you.

  • The eye-caring silk
    for the eye-catchy beauty

    Because, with our silk eye masks, the hunt
    for better rest ends now.

Caring. Comfortable. Cozy.

Silk, now customized only for you!


Why you need a Silk Pillowcase?

Is sleeping on silk just a style statement? All the hype around silk has much more to do with your health rather than just your style. Here are the benefits of the silk slumber.

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Anti-aging Benefits

  • Reduces Bed Head

  • Healthy Skin & hair

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